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Atlantis Fire & Safety Services

Distributors of FM-200, CO2, Novec 1230, Inergen & Pyrogen fire extinguishing systems designed to protect gasoline or diesel engine rooms, generator and electrical enclosures on boats, ships, Oil Rigs, FPSO’s and marine vessels.

These systems can also be used to protect land-based applications like data rooms, computer & electrical cabinets, wind turbines, generators, etc.


· Pre-Engineered Fire Suppression Systems

· Engineered Fire Suppression Systems

· CO2, FM-200, FIKE, NOVEC 1230, Inergen & Pyrogen Systems

· Gas Control Panels & Detection Devices

· Electrical Alarms and Engine Shutdown Systems 

· 24-Hour Emergency Refilling Service

· Fire Suppression Systems Design

· Servicing & Refilling of Halon 1301, CO2, FM 200, FIKE, Novec 1230, Inergen & NAF Systems

· Fire Alarm & Suppression System sales & installation

· Fire Alarm & Suppression System testing & maintenance

Oil Mist Detection Systems


Atlantis Fire & Safety Services are agents for the QMI Oil Mist Detection Systems.

We have installed a number of systems in the Merchant and the Australian Navy for protection against oil mist in the atmosphere as well as engine crank case protection.

Retro-fitting of existing units is done with ease and with little to no disruption to the operation of the vessel.

Other Services offered include


Breathing Air Compressors Air Purity Testing

Repairs, testing & sales Air quality tests for breathing air and air compressor

Foam/Water Monitors, Fixed & Mobile Foam System Servicing, hydro-testing, repairs, re-filling, re-conditioning, & sales

Fire Fighting Foam Compounds

Foam Analysis Testing & Produced Foam Testing (To IMO Regs.) and sales of all types of fire fighting foam compounds.

C02 High and Low Pressure Systems

Testing, repair, re-filling, hydro-testing, re-fits, & sales of new systems

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus & Escape / EEBD sets

Servicing, testing, repairs, & sales

Immersion Suits

Testing, maintenance and Inspection of Immersion suits including sales.

Chemical Suits

Testing, maintenance and Inspection of Chemical suits including sales.

Systems & Services

Fire Extinguisher


Sales and Servicing for all types of extinguishers including stored pressure and gas cartridge type extinguishers. Serviced to Australian and International Maritime Organisation Standards.

Announce coming eventsGalley wet Chemical & Water Mist & Galley Hood Fire suppression Systems

Sales and Servicing on all models and brands of Galley Systems, Serviced & Installed to Australian and International Maritime Organisation Standards.

CO2 Systems

FM200,FIKE, NOVEC 1230, Halon 1301 and all types of fixed fire suppression systems service / surveys / new equipment.


Medical O2:

Service & Sales of Medical O2 Systems.

Pyrogen Aerosol Fire Suppression Systems

For Leisure Crafts / Fishing Vessels / Commercial Vessels / Industry / Mining / Generator Rooms / Electrical Lockers; provide highly effective, environmentally friendly fire suppression for fires in enclosed facilities and local spaces. 

Gas Detection and Breathalysers

We calibrate, service, repair, maintain, supply and install all your gas detection needs, both portable and fixed including Alcohol breath Analysers.

Fire Detection Systems; Consilium Agents and agents for other major fire alarm companies.


Service, Sales, Refits and repairs on all types and makes of Fire Detection 

Safety Data Sheets


2016-12 AFSS SDS - Concentrate - CO2 (pdf)


2017-1 AFSS SDS - Concentrate - Wet Chemical (pdf)


2017-3 AFSS SDS - Concentrate - AFFF3 UL (pdf)


2017-3 AFSS SDS - Concentrate - PURPLE K (pdf)


2017-6 AFSS SDS - Concentrate - BE (pdf)


2017-08 AFSS SDS - Concentrate - Pulvex D 700 (pdf)


2017-08-AFSS -SDS-Concentrate-AR-ATC (pdf)


2017-10 AFSS SDS - Concentrate - ECO FF (pdf)


AFSS - SDS - Concentrate - AFFF3 SG (pdf)


AFSS SDS - Concentrate - AFFF6 SG (pdf)


AFSS SDS - Concentrate - AFFF6 UL (pdf)


AFSS SDS-Concentrate-ABE_All-Grades (pdf)


AFSS SDS-Concentrate-AFFF (pdf)


Safety Data Sheets


2017-01 AFSS SDS - Extinguisher - ABE (pdf)


2017-01 AFSS SDS - Extinguisher - Air Water (pdf)


2017-01 AFSS SDS - Extinguisher - AR ATC (pdf)


2017-01 AFSS SDS - Extinguisher - BE (pdf)


2017-01 AFSS SDS - Extinguisher - CO2 (pdf)


2017-01 AFSS SDS - Extinguisher - PURPLE K (pdf)


2017-01 AFSS SDS - Extinguisher - Wet Chemical (pdf)


2017-08 AFSS SDS - Extinguisher - D Class (pdf)


2017-10 AFSS SDS - Extinguisher - ECO FF (pdf)


AFSS SDS-Extinguisher-AFFF (pdf)